Liquid Chalk is the same high quality gymnastics chalk (magnesium carbonate) you now use --only BETTER!!

Liquid Chalk is fully USAG, FIG and NCAA compliant. It's also 100% biodegradable.

Cirque Du Soleil uses our Liquid Chalk Our Liquid Chalk is being used by Cirque Du Soleil and SeaWorld San Diego as well as by hundreds of other gyms around the country. SeaWorld San Diego

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For years, you've been wanting it and asking for it. Now we bring it to you:


Gyms no longer have to endure dust & dirty messes chalk creates, expensive heating and air conditioning repairs or the constant replacing of air filters. LIQUID CHALK can save you thousands in cleaning and maintenance costs. More importantly, it works better than normal chalk.

Works equally well for Bars, Vault,  Floor Beam, Rings, Pommel Horse and P Bars. (Also great for weight lifting, climbing and all other sports in which conventional chalk is used.)  

So is our Liquid Chalk really THAT good?

"As a coach and gym owner, chalk is ALWAYS an issue...from the kids wasting time chalking up to the dust making a mess around the gym. Liquid Chalk solves both of these issues and works extremely well for the kids. I love this product. I would recommend Liquid Chalk to every gym owner and gymnast."

-- Jack Leonard, Gym Owner & Coach
    Former Assistant Coach,Olympic Gold Medalist         Dominique Dawes
    (Hill’s Gymnastics Training Center, 1988-2005)

"My gym spends about $450/month in air filters because of chalk dust.Keeping our facility clean is a never ending battle. Liquid Chalk has saved us thousands of dollars/year in filters and cleaning costs. But more importantly, it works extremely well for the gymnast.  More of them are preferring it over regular chalk."

--Mike Naddour, Owner & Coach,USA Youth Fitness Center Gym,    Coach 2004 Olympic Silver Medalist Jason Gatson
   Coach 2012 Olympian Alex Naddour
   USA Jr National Team Coach

"Getting chalk to stay on and not sweat off has always been a challenge. Liquid Chalk really does the job! It has surpassed all my expectations and I see a huge difference when I am using it. I am currently training for the US National Team and Liquid Chalk is an integral part of my training."

--Anthony Naddour, University of Oklahoma Gymnastics (former)
   4-time USAG All-American
   3rd Place 2009 NCAA Team Championships
   3rd Place 2010 NCAA Team Championships
   2nd Place 2011 NCAA Team Championships

"Being covered in chalk dust is normal for any gymnast, but its definitely not one of the perks. Liquid Chalk allows me to train without getting covered in chalk. I have found it to be extremely effective and useful in my workouts. More repetitions and less time at the chalk tray is invaluable when you are training at my level. I definitely recommend Liquid Chalk to any gymnast or gym owner."

--Chellsie Memmel, Currently training for the 2012 Olympics
   2008 Olympic Silver medalist, Team
   2005 World Championships Gold Medalist, All-around
   2005 World Championships Silver Medalist, Beam, Bars & Team
   2003 World Championships Gold Medalist, Bars & Team